Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It is a great joy to have been friends with Emeril so long already. 21 years and growing in fact. This coming Saturday I will have the role of interviewer to my old buddy. (See the Miami Times link above). I will be in the luckiest seat in the entire Arscht Theater. To see the dance that goes on in his eyes while his great mind whirs on all cylinders is pure fun. I hope I don't crack up too much with laughter myself. The Celebrity Chef series comes to the season finale with him on the top of the marquee. Fitting as far as I'm concerned.

The picture above was obviously taken some years ago. We were doing a dinner at the original Norman's in Coral Gables that evening. We were having a whole lot of fun too. You can't not have fun when you cook or hang out with Em. It is not going to happen. He has a joy for life that I've always found contagious.

If you go to my personal website at you will find more about "Brother Emeril".

I hope to see you in the audience.