Wednesday, December 22, 2010


See my Twitter page for a picture of the American Flag snapping in the Illinois December wind.

Stark, blackish telephone and utility poles punctuate the somber white fields. Snowplow cleared highways frame those fields in another geometric manner. Heavy trucks create a sonic corollary of this quiet morning pageant.

Yesterday we fulfilled nostalgic childhood flavors stopping for a much fantasized about Italian Beef Sandwhich from Portillos, a place much grander than our typical place for such cravings but good all the same even so.

After more icy driving, a favorite pub stop and visiting we rejoined family for a "never fail to visit when in Lake County"; Bill's Pub in my hometown of Diamond Lake. 12 of us gathered around the famous, flat, thin-crust crispy pies.
My wife, Janet is from this same place and she is the ultimate arbiter of how Bill's measures over the years. She was only willing to give one thumb up last night... but we will try again in three nights or less I'll bet!

Now it is time for a look at some of what Chicago has to offer us that may be new to us!