Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'll have to put a picture of the Egg, Chorizo and Potato Tacos I had at "Antojitos" of Homestead, Fla on my Twitter page, @normanvanaken
I can't upload it here as of yet.

This family run place has been a favorite of ours since chancing across their Food Truck version first 3 years ago. The "Mama" is an absolute bruja of all manner of soups. Her Chicken Soup is soulful. Her Beef Soup will make a Man out of you and her Menudo will heal the sick/raise the hungover! Dios Mio!

The family is a wedding of Mexico and Salvador and their menu embraces both country's flavors with equal gusto. Those eggs? (See Twitter) were great and she makes her Tortillas "to order" my friends!

As I was leaving my Brother in Law called me. He said, "Are you at Antojitos?"

I had left before he'd risen but everyone who knows me knows when I'm in Homestead I'm going there.

"Yes I am Largo". (His nickname).

"Great! Could you bring back a 'large' of her Seafood Soup?"